Tom Uglow is Creative Director for Google's Creative Lab in Sydney. He works with cultural and creative organisations around the world exploring the space between technology and the arts and what can happen where they intersect.

He has a history in the arts, a love of literature, and a problem with staying focused. He speaks graphics geek, a bit of web‑dev, some Python, a touch of digital strategy, remedial project management, and really bad French. He likes physical/digital, pen and ink, and carefully organised chaos.

At the moment his "interests" list contains: speech recognition, hype cycles, non-linear storytelling, and the physical web... plus a few things that are less tech-geek like theatre, small people and yoga.

However, today, he is entirely overexcited about working with The Presets on our latest experimental platform for non-linear story-telling: The Cube

Meanwhile here is a video about what digital + culture means.